Biochemical and Nutritional Approaches to Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

BOWMAN HEALTH’S-NeuroNutrient Therapies (TM)

WE are part of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions (AAS) and with Dr. Paul Bowman, Jr., being the C0-Founding Director of the Florida Chapter of AAS…we have a fairly good handle on why do you sometimes FEEL crazy. Could it be that your brain-body connection is dysregulated? You can repair your brain with drug-free modalities?

Amino Acid Therapies

Why do you think your mind-body connection does not want to stop your sugar (or artificial sweeteners) intake? How about alcohol and drugs. MOST peopl can stop the roller coaster without mood altering and psychotropic drugs. Our guess is that that is not part of your current skill set…but you can learn. Schedule your time by going to NO FEE Initial Consultation for your health history and request to fill out the online Amino Acid Therapy Chart.

Personalized Nutritional Practices

How do you go about becoming more well from a nutritional point of view? Well, it depends on who you are biochemically and upon genetic bio individuality. No program can work for everybody because one man or woman’s panacea is another person’s poison.

Balance, Flexibility, and Resistance Training Practices

We would be remiss if we did not tell you, for instance, that resistance training (like TRX Home Gym concept) is not implemented, then you will make LESS neuronal and glial networks than anything else you might do to your body that is especially good for your brain and consequently for your brain and its psycho-spiritual functionality.

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