Are you thinking CLEARLY?

One thing is clear: Left unaddressed, lead poisoning can have a devastating impact on mental and physical health of both children and adults. Lead has been associated with disorders of the nervous system, delayed neurological development, cognitive disorders, diminished educational performance and physical health impairments. Lead poisoning has also been associated with behavioral neurological problems. This includes anxiety, aggression and violence. It is particularly dangerous because once it gets into its someones organic systems it tends to resist being detoxified out of the brain! And then the rest of the body gets effected…yikes!

Having trouble thinking clearly? Consider getting checked for heavy metal detoxification.

Kids Brains and Fish

Did you know that recent recent research suggests that some children may be more sensitive to mercury than adults? And even the most toxic effects may occur at blood levels that are significantly lower than the conventional upper limits once adopted. So eat fish at most once a week but get small cold water fish so they have not been swimming in the water as long. Make sense?