Are you thinking CLEARLY?

One thing is clear: Left unaddressed, lead poisoning can have a devastating impact on mental and physical health of both children and adults. Lead has been associated with disorders of the nervous system, delayed neurological development, cognitive disorders, diminished educational performance and physical health impairments. Lead poisoning has also been associated with behavioral neurological problems. This includes anxiety, aggression and violence. It is particularly dangerous because once it gets into its someones organic systems it tends to resist being detoxified out of the brain! And then the rest of the body gets effected…yikes!

Having trouble thinking clearly? Consider getting checked for heavy metal detoxification.

Vitamin D finally Does the trick in DEEP SLEEP!

It is no joke! NO SLEEP and you will not be nearly as healthy as you could be! Recently I was reading in a book endorsed by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and written by several physicians that are trained in natural medicine. I now take 2000 mcg of Vitamin B12-sublingually. I have been taking 3 mg melatonin in a micro-lozenge-I place it under the tongue.

Here is the what the research says. If you take the Vitamin B12 it will up-regulate your melatonin production at night (and down-regulate it during the day). I now sleep a confirmed and consistent #7hoursOfUnintertreeROOTfunctionalMedicineModel_diagramPICuptedSLEEP without waking up or going to the bathroom even once EVERY NIGHT! That is a first since I was in my early 20’s and EMS shifts as a paramedic both with Fire/Rescue and Private county-subsidized E-911 dual response ambulance service-created the perfect storm of poor nutrition and sleep deprivation!