Vitamin D finally Does the trick in DEEP SLEEP!

It is no joke! NO SLEEP and you will not be nearly as healthy as you could be! Recently I was reading in a book endorsed by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and written by several physicians that are trained in natural medicine. I now take 2000 mcg of Vitamin B12-sublingually. I have been taking 3 mg melatonin in a micro-lozenge-I place it under the tongue.

Here is the what the research says. If you take the Vitamin B12 it will up-regulate your melatonin production at night (and down-regulate it during the day). I now sleep a confirmed and consistent #7hoursOfUnintertreeROOTfunctionalMedicineModel_diagramPICuptedSLEEP without waking up or going to the bathroom even once EVERY NIGHT! That is a first since I was in my early 20’s and EMS shifts as a paramedic both with Fire/Rescue and Private county-subsidized E-911 dual response ambulance service-created the perfect storm of poor nutrition and sleep deprivation!

Gluten and Cancer and even ASD?

Autoimmune Spectrum and Diseases
Evidently it is even worse than most of us think! The University of Chicago Celiac Center tells us that MORE than 300 conditions are #triggeredByGluten! How about an example of a 3 year old with a conjunctival tumor that went away in 2 months with only going to a gluten-free diet! BTW, it did not come back later either?

You need to know that there are significant improvements in all areas of cognition that are especially helpful when you make the healthy food and the healthy mood connection.