Vitamin D finally Does the trick in DEEP SLEEP!

It is no joke! NO SLEEP and you will not be nearly as healthy as you could be! Recently I was reading in a book endorsed by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and written by several physicians that are trained in natural medicine. I now take 2000 mcg of Vitamin B12-sublingually. I have been taking 3 mg melatonin in a micro-lozenge-I place it under the tongue.

Here is the what the research says. If you take the Vitamin B12 it will up-regulate your melatonin production at night (and down-regulate it during the day). I now sleep a confirmed and consistent #7hoursOfUnintertreeROOTfunctionalMedicineModel_diagramPICuptedSLEEP without waking up or going to the bathroom even once EVERY NIGHT! That is a first since I was in my early 20’s and EMS shifts as a paramedic both with Fire/Rescue and Private county-subsidized E-911 dual response ambulance service-created the perfect storm of poor nutrition and sleep deprivation!