Is Gluten REALLY that Bad?

Is Gluten Really that BAD?

Posted on 14 Days Ago by drpaulbowmanjr

Autoimmune Spectrum and Diseases

Evidently it is even worse than most of us think! The University of Chicago Celiac Center tells us that MORE than 300 conditions are #triggeredByGluten! How about an example of a 3 year old with a conjunctival tumor that went away in 2 months with only going to a gluten-free diet! BTW, it did not come back later either.

Since only 1 in 3 are diagnosed they wait until there is deformity of tissue and joints before there is recognition of the disease. When the antibodies are elevated then you are in an autoimmune “spectrum”. Make sense? Then prove it by trying a gluten free diet for 2 weeks and see how good you feel. Then go back on gluten and see how BAD you feel! You will #GLUTENproveItToYourself. Wat good reason do you have for staying in denial about this…other than your addiction??

Why would the Italian government have 37 government supported #glutenSensitivityClinics? 22.2% of medical schools have NO training in autoimmune diseases. At most (13%) have 3-5 lectures, According to the American Autoimmune Diseases Association. That’s it!

So take note: Autoimmune spectrum/disease (immune driven inflammation) is KEY factor in developing cardiovascular disease. So quit eating Little Debbie’s and well after you break your carbohydrate addiction and you may need help with that. WE can help…

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